What It Takes To Become A Writer

Writing is an art form that uses letters and words to describe, inform or otherwise entertain the readers. Writing is a way for the writer to share his or her thoughts to whoever is interested to read it. It is a passion for writers to write what comes to their mind whether to voice out an opinion, to educate or just to entertain. It is how writers will show their creativeness; through words. Writing is not considered a job and money is not the main consideration for writers; it is more of a self expression.
So if you are a

would-be writer, be forewarned that writing is not guaranteed to bring you income enough to live a comfortable life. There are a lot of writers out there and not all of them are making money out of their writing but they are still writing because it is what they love doing. Therefore if you still aspire to become a writer then make sure that it is what you really want otherwise you will only be sorely disappointed.
To become a writer, loving what you do should be a given. The other qualities that you should have are one, discipline. Discipline in writing means having to practice and develop your own writing skills. It is taking time to study how the words will go with each other to come up with a cohesive structure. Discipline is taking time to broaden and cultivate your writing by reading on every available genre whether fiction or non-fiction. By reading you will be able to find out what will and will not work for you. The second quality that a writer must have is talent. Now this is a debatable quality because talent is something that you either have or don’t. But then writing is learned therefore someone’s talent for
writing may be developed over time by practice and having the discipline to become a better writer. The third quality that a writer should have is tenacity. Tenacity is that quality of never giving up no matter what because when you are aspiring to become a writer you will face difficulties and challenges along the way. These challenges should not dissuade you from your writing.
One of the challenges that an aspiring writer will confront is the thousand thoughts that run in their minds all begging to be written down. Because of this, a writer may lose focus. Another difficulty that a writer may face is the writer’s block. Both of these challenges will produce the same result, a blank page staring right at you. When this happens, it pays to know that even the greatest writers experienced these challenges and were able to overcome them. And you should too. When staring at a blank page, you will start to panic or feel disappointed; the best way to arrest this is to just write something, anything. Even if these words or phrases are not even related just write them all down. Soon enough your creative juices will finally kick in and you will be able to create a sensible article or story.
There can be other challenges that will be encountered in your desire to becoming a writer. Your finances may not be able to sustain your writing career therefore you may have to look for a regular job that will be able to pay the bills. But if you should strive and continue to improve on your writing then a time may come when you can say goodbye to your day job and make a career out of your writing.

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